Through Wolf’s Eyes by Jane Lindskold

Through Wolf’s Eyes (Wolf, Book 1)
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Wolf-raised children are rising in popularity as subjects of novels. Last month, Alien Taste gave readers a science-based glimpse of a feral boy. This month, Jane Lindskold delivers a novel that’s pure fantasy, with a girl as the main character. Through Wolf’s Eyes is an entertaining glimpse at court politics as seen by one who feels more wolf than human.

Firekeeper has few memories of her life before living with the Royal wolves. In her heart, she is a wolf, and that’s all that matters. But her life intersects with the human world when she encounters a search party from the king. They’re seeking any trace of the lost prince Barden, or of his heir, a young girl.

There’s a chance that Firekeeper is that woman, but that’s not what draws her to the human realms. The real reason is curiosity, a fascination with these creatures that look so like her; perhaps by learning about them, she can put to rest the strange memories that haunt her … memories of voices and fire.

Court politics look very different from a wolf’s point of view. The other contenders for the throne learn that as well, as they attempt to fathom this unusual lady. The games of court mean little to her, and those vying for the throne begin to see how dangerous it can be to counter someone with no agenda.

Through Wolf’s Eyes is an engaging read. Most of the fun comes in Lindskold’s sly manner of showing the great and powerful tripping over their own plots and plans, simply because they can’t fathom that others are plotting away just as frantically. How many times have you read a fantasy laced with intrigue, and wondered why everyone is getting so involved in such stuff? It’s entertaining to read about a character who acts on such a thought.

This makes Firekeeper a fascinating character. Through her perspective, we see the whirl and eddy of court politics, without getting immersed in them. It’s a unique point of view, made even more fun as Firekeeper starts to equate human politics with the wolf pack’s dominance battles.

With a fresh viewpoint on intrigue and a character who weathers it all with humor and calm, Through Wolf’s Eyes becomes a smooth, pleasant read.

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This review appeared in the Davis Enterprise on September 20, 2001.

Series: Wolf
ISBN: 9780812575484
Publisher: Tor
Page Count: 608
Publication Date: June 17, 2002
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