Blazed by Jason Myers

Blazed(Description nicked from B&

“Jamie is invincible when he is high. His anger, his isolation, his mom’s manic mood swings—nothing can shatter his glass castle. But one brutal night upends everything, leaving his mom broken and Jamie betrayed.

Sent to live with a father he’s never met, Jamie is determined to hate the man he blames for his mother’s ruin. And he blocks out the pain with drugs, fierce music, and sweet, sweet Dominique. Except the more time Jamie spends at his dad’s, the more his mother’s scathing stories start to unravel. Who is he supposed to believe? And how much will he have to sacrifice to uncover the truth?”

Okay, I have no trouble at all with books, young adult or otherwise, that want to ride the rough edge between storytelling and gratuitous controversy. I really don’t. Some of the best books that I’ve read have been the kind that make me slap a hand over my mouth to muffle the instinctive “Oh ****!” that wants to leap out. The thing about Blazed, though, is that it topples right off of that edge and plummets straight into the pit of gratuitousness.

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