Friday Fun: Stuff from Facebook

If you’re not following my Facebook page, you should go and do so. Fun links and stories abound! Sometimes they even a-leap and a-cavort. So here’s a roundup of what I’ve found this week:


Friday Fun: Maps to places that never were

Happy Friday!  If you’re considering going on a literary adventure this holiday weekend, you may want to take along some maps so that you don’t get lost.  Here, for your convenience, are some well-known destinations that aren’t a part of the real world.  Click on the map of Narnia to walk through the wardrobe and behold these lovely maps.  🙂

Narnia map

Friday Fun, October 3

Have you noticed yet that I like parody songs, and songs referencing books and stories?  Well, in case you haven’t, check out this one, an original based on The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.  Enjoy, and happy Friday!

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