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A[weaver_showhide]Aaron, Rachel

Aaronovitch, Ben

Abbey, Lynn

Ackroyd, Peter

Acosta, Marta

Adams, Douglas

Adams, Guy

Aguirre, A. A.

Aguirre, Ann

Allred, Katherine

Ambrose, E. C.

Anders, Lou, ed.

  • Futureshocks

Anderson, C. L.

  • Bitter Angels

Anderson, Kevin J.

  • A Forest of Stars
  • Dune: The Butlerian Jihad (with Brian Herbert)
  • Frankenstein: Prodigal Son (with Dean Koontz)

Anderson, Taylor

  • Into the Storm

Anthony, Piers

  • How Precious Was That While

Archer, Jill

Armstrong, Kelley

  • Dime Store Magic

Arnett, Mindee

Arnold, Elana K.

Arthur, Keri

Ash, Sarah

  • Lord of Snow and Shadows

Asprin, Robert

Austin, J. D.

  • Second Contact

Averill, Alan

[/weaver_showhide]B[weaver_showhide]Baker, Jo

Ballantyne, Tony

  • Recursion

Barnes, Steven

Battis, Jes

Baxter, Stephen

  • Evolution
  • The Long Earth (with Terry Pratchett)
  • Time’s Eye (with Arthur C. Clarke)

Bear, Elizabeth

  • Carnival
  • Hammered

Bear, Greg

  • Darwin’s Children
  • Dead Lines
  • Hull Zero Three

Bein, Steve

Benford, Gregory

  • In the Ocean of Night

Benson, Amber

  • Death’s Daughter
  • Accursed (with Christopher Golden)

Benson, Phil S.

  • Northstar

Bentley, C. F.

Berg, Carol

  • Flesh and Spirit
  • Guardians of the Keep
  • Son of Avonar
  • Song of the Beast
  • The Soul Mirror
  • The Soul Weaver
  • The Spirit Lens

Berman, Judith

  • Bear Daughter

Bernobich, Beth

  • Passion Play

Bishop, Anne

Bishop, K. J.

  • The Etched City

Bisson, Terry

  • The Pickup Artist

Black, Yelena

Blake, Kendare

Bledsoe, Alex

Bond, Gwenda

Borchardt, Alice

  • The Dragon Queen

Bornikova, Phillipa

Boyett, Stephen R.

Bradley, Marion Zimmer

  • Ghostlight

Brandon, Paula

Bray, Patricia

  • The Sea Change

Brennan, M. L.

Brennan, Marie

Brennan, Sarah Rees

Brennan, Thomas

Brett, Peter V.

Bridger, David

Briggs, Patricia

  • Blood Bound
  • Bone Crossed
  • Frost Burned
  • Iron Kissed
  • Moon Called
  • River Marked

Britain, Kristen

  • Blackveil
  • First Rider’s Call
  • The High King’s Tomb

Brooks, Terry

  • A Princess of Landover

Brotherton, Mike

  • Star Dragon

Brust, Steven

  • Gypsy (with Megan Lindholm)

Buckner, M. M.

  • The Gravity Pilot
  • Hyperthought
  • Watermind

Bujold, Lois McMaster

  • The Curse of Chalion
  • Paladin of Souls

Bunce, Elizabeth C.

  • A Curse Dark as Gold

Bunch, Chris

  • Dragonmaster

Burcaw, Shane

Butcher, Jim

  • Changes
  • Dead Beat
  • Ghost Story
  • Mean Streets (novella)
  • Proven Guilty
  • Small Favor
  • Turn Coat
  • White Night

Caine, Rachel

Cameron, W. Bruce

  • A Dog’s Purpose

Cameron, Miles

Campbell, John L.

Card, Orson Scott

Carey, Jacqueline

Carlson, Amanda

Carriger, Gail

Carroll, Jonathan

  • Glass Soup
  • The Wooden Sea

Carter, Aimee

Carwyn, Giles

  • Heir of Autumn (with Todd Fahnestock)
  • Mistress of Winter (with Todd Fahnestock)

Castor, H. M.

Cavelos, Jeanne, ed.

  • The Many Faces of Van Helsing

Charbonneau, Joelle

Charlton, Blake

  • Spellwright

Charnas, Susan McKee

  • The Vampire Tapestry

Clarke, Arthur C.

  • Time’s Eye (with Stephen Baxter)

Clarke, Cassandra Rose

Clarke, Susanna

  • Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell

Clemens, James

  • Hinterland
  • Shadowfall

Cline, Ernest

Coates, Deborah

Cochran, Molly

Cohen, Jack

  • Heaven (with Ian Stewart)

Coleman, Lauren L., ed.

  • Crime Spells (with Martin H. Greenberg)

Collins, Lee

Collins, Nancy

  • Right Hand Magic

Collins, Suzanne

  • The Hunger Games

Condie, Ally

Connolly, Harry

Connolly, Tina

Cook, Thomas

  • Taken

Cooper, Brenda

  • The Silver Ship and the Sea

Cooper, Gwen

  • Homer’s Odyssey

Correia, Larry

  • Monter Hunter International
  • Monter Hunter Vendetta

Cramer, Kathryn, ed.

  • The Hard SF Renaissance (with David G. Hartwell)

Creasy, Sara

  • Children of Scarabaeus
  • Song of Scarabaeus

Crewe, Megan

Cross, Janine

  • Forged by Fire
  • Shadowed by Wings
  • Touched by Venom

Crowther, Peter, ed.

  • We Think, Therefore We Are

Cutter, Leah R.

  • The Caves of Buda
  • Paper Mage

Czerneda, Julie E.

  • In the Company of Others
  • ReVisions (with Isaac Szpindel)

Dann, Jack, ed.

  • Future Sports (with Gardner Dozois)

Darnielle, John

Dart-Thornton, Cecilia

  • The Ill-Made Mute

David, Peter

  • Knight Life
  • Tigerheart

Davis, Russell, ed.

  • If I Were an Evil Overlord (with Martin H. Greenberg)

Dayton, Arwen Elys

  • Resurrection

De Lint, Charles

  • The Little Country
  • The Mystery of Grace
  • The Onion Girl
  • Spirits in the Wires
  • Widdershins

DeMartino, Denny

  • Heart of Stone

DeNiro, Alan

  • Total Oblivion, More or Less

Dennard, Susan

Denning, Troy

  • Star Wars: Tatooine Ghost

De Pierres, Marianne

Desrochers, Lisa

Destefano, Merrie

Dick, Philip K.

  • Lies, Inc.

Dixon, Heather

Donnelly, Jennifer

  • Revolution

Douglass, Sara

  • Hades’ Daughter
  • Threshold

Dozois, Gardner, ed.

  • Future Sports (with Jack Dann)
  • Isaac Asimov’s Halloween (with Sheila Williams)
  • The Year’s Best Science Fiction

Drake, Emily

  • The Magickers

Draper, Sharon M.

Drinkard, William H.

  • Elom

Duane, Diane

  • Omnitopia Dawn
  • A Wizard Alone
  • Wizards at War

Durham, David Anthony

Durst, Sarah Beth

Eddings, David and Leigh

  • The Elder Gods
  • Regina’s Song

Edghill, Rosemary

Eldred, Tim

  • Grease Monkey

Enthoven, Sam

  • Tim, Defender of the Earth!

Erikson, Steven

Eschbach, Andreas

  • The Carpet Makers

Fahnestock, Todd

  • Heir of Autumn (with Giles Carwyn)
  • Mistress of Winter (with Giles Carwyn)

Fallon, Jennifer

  • The Eye of the Labyrinth
  • The Lion of Senet

Farrell, Matthew

  • Thunder Rift

Farrell, S. L.

  • Holder of Lightning

Fforde, Jasper

  • The Big Over Easy
  • The Eyre Affair
  • Lost in a Good Book
  • Shades of Grey
  • Something Rotten

Finlay, C. C.

Fisher, Jude

  • Sorcery Rising

Flewelling, Lynn

  • The Oracle’s Queen
  • Shadows Return

Flynn, Michael

  • The January Dancer

Forbeck, Matt

Ford, Michael Thomas

Foster, Alan Dean

Freedman, Colette

Freeman, Pamela

Frost, Gregory

  • Fitcher’s Brides
  • Shadowbridge

Gaiman, Neil

Garnett, David

  • Bikini Planet

Gevers, Nick, ed.

Giambastiani, Kurt R. A.

  • The Spirit of Thunder

Gilbert, Sheila E., ed.

Gilliam, Richard, ed.

  • Grails: Quests of the Dawn (with Martin H. Greenberg and Edward E. Kramer)

Gilligan, Elizabeth

  • Magic’s Silken Snare

Golden, Christopher

Gould, Steven

  • Jumper: Griffin’s Story

Graham, Ian

  • Monument

Graham, Mitchell

  • The Fifth Ring

Grant, Mira

Gray, Claudia

Green, Simon R.

  • Mean Streets (novella)

Greenberg, Martin H., ed.

  • After the King
  • Crime Spells (with Lauren L. Coleman)
  • Future Americas (with John Helfers)
  • Grails: Quests of the Dawn (with Richard Gilliam and Edward E. Kramer)
  • If I Were an Evil Overlord (with Russell Davis)
  • Knight Fantastic (with John Helfers)
  • Man vs. Machine (with John Helfers)
  • Once Upon a Galaxy (with John Helfers and Wil McCarthy)
  • Slipstreams (with John Helfers)
  • Sol’s Children (with Jean Rabe)
  • Space Stations (with John Helfers)
  • Timeshares (with Jean Rabe)
  • Time Twisters (with Jean Rabe)

Gregory, Daryl

Gregory, Philippa Gregory

  • The Red Queen

Grimes, Linda

Grimwood, Jon Courtenay

  • The Fallen Blade

Grossman, Austin

  • Soon I Will Be Invincible

Grossman, Lev

Gryphon, Talia

  • Key to Conflict

Haas, Abigail

Habel, Lia

Hagen, Bethany

Haldeman, Joe

Halpern, Marty, ed.

Hamilton, Laurell K.

  • A Caress of Twilight
  • The Harlequin
  • Seduced by Moonlight
  • A Stroke of Midnight

Hancock, Niel

  • Squaring the Circle

Hand, Elizabeth

  • Illyria

Harrison, Harry

  • Make Room! Make Room!

Hartwell, David G., ed.

  • The Hard SF Renaissance (with Kathryn Cramer)

Haydu, Corey Ann

Hearne, Kevin

Heinlein, Robert A.

  • Variable Star (with Spider Robinson)

Helfers, John, ed.

  • Future Americas (with Martin H. Greenberg)
  • Knight Fantastic (with Martin H. Greenberg)
  • Man vs. Machine (with Martin H. Greenberg)
  • Once Upon a Galaxy (with Martin H. Greenberg and Wil McCarthy)
  • Slipstreams (with Martin H. Greenberg)
  • Space Stations (with Martin H. Greenberg)
  • The Valdemar Companion (with Denise Little)

Hendee, Barb

Henry, Christina

Herbert, Brian

  • Dune: The Butlerian Jihad (with Kevin J. Anderson)

Hetley, James A.

  • The Summer Country
  • The Winter Oak

Hickman, Tracy and Laura

  • Mystic Warrior

Hill, Joe

  • Horns

Hines, Jim C.

Hobb, Robin

Hobson, M. K.

Hoffman, Nina Kiriki

Holdstock, Robert

  • Celtika

Holloway, Emma Jane

Holm, Chris F.

Hough, Jason M.

Howard, A. G.

Howell, Morgan

  • King’s Property

Hoyt, Sarah A.

  • Heart of Light
  • Ill Met by Moonlight

Huff, Tanya

Hughes, Alex

Hughes, Kerrie L.

Hulick, Douglas

Hunter, Sylvia Izzo

Huntley, Amy

  • The Everafter

Hurley, Kameron

Hurley, Tonya

  • Ghostgirl

Jablokov, Alexander

Jacka, Benedict

Jacques, Brian

  • The Legend of Luke
  • Lord Brocktree
  • Taggerung

James, Elliott

Jay, Stacey

Jemisin, N. K.

Johnson, Suzanne

Johnston, Aaron

Jonach, Ingrid

Jones, Tamara Siler

  • Ghosts in the Snow
  • Threads of Malice
  • Valley of the Soul

Jordan, Robert

  • New Spring

Kane, Stacia

Kay, Guy Gavriel

  • The Last Light of the Sun
  • Under Heaven
  • Ysabel

Kemp, Paul S.

Kessler, Jackie Morse

Keyes, Greg

  • The Briar King

Kiernan, Caitlin R.

Kimball, Joe

Kindl, Patrice

King, J. Robert

  • Lancelot du Lethe
  • Le Morte D’Avalon

King, Stephen

  • The Gunslinger

Kittredge, Caitlin

  • Street Magic

Knight, E. E.

  • Dragon Champion

Koontz, Dean

  • Frankenstein: Prodigal Son (with Kevin J. Anderson)

Kowal, Mary Robinette

Kramer, Edward E., ed.

  • Grails: Quests of the Dawn (with Richard Gilliam and Martin H. Greenberg)

Kurtz, Katherine, ed.

  • On Crusade

Kushner, Ellen

  • Thomas the Rhymer

Lackey, Mercedes

LaFevers, Robin

Lafferty, Mur

Lake, Jay

  • Mainspring

Larbalestier, Justine

  • Liar

Lazellari, Edward

Lebbon, Tim

  • Dusk
  • The Map of Moments (with Christopher Golden)

Lee, Tanith

  • White as Snow

Leveen, Tom

Levine, Gail Carson

  • Fairest

Levinson, Paul

  • The Plot to Save Socrates

Lickiss, Rebecca

  • Eccentric Circles

Lindholm, Megan

  • Gypsy (with Steven Brust)

Lindsey, Erin

Lindskold, Jane

Lisle, Holly

  • Talyn

Little, Denise, ed.

  • Cosmic Cocktails
  • The Valdemar Companion (with John Helfers)

Littlefield, Sophie

Liu, Marjorie M.

Locke, Kate

Longshore, Katherine

Lord, Karen

Lu, Marie

Lynch, Scott

Mackay, Scott

  • The Meek
  • Omega Sol
  • Orbis

MacLeod, Ken

  • Newton’s Wake

Mallory, James

Marco, John

  • The Eyes of God

Marillier, Juliet

  • Child of the Prophecy
  • Dreamer’s Pool
  • Daughter of the Forest
  • Heart’s Blood
  • Heir to Sevenwaters
  • Son of the Shadows
  • Wildwood Dancing
  • Wolfskin

Marley, Louise

  • The Child Goddess

Marr, Melissa

Martin, George R. R.

  • A Feast for Crows

Mathieu, Jennifer

McCaffrey, Anne

  • The Gift of Dragons

McCaffrey, Anne and Todd

  • Dragon’s Kin

McCarthy, Wil, ed.

  • Once Upon a Galaxy (with Martin H. Greenberg and John Helfers)

McDevitt, Jack

  • Polaris
  • Time Travelers Never Die

McGuire, Seanan

McIntosh, Fiona

  • Bridge of Souls
  • King’s Wrath
  • Odalisque

McKiernan, Dennis L.

  • Once Upon a Summer Day
  • Once Upon a Winter’s Night
  • Once Upon an Autumn Eve

McKillip, Patricia A.

  • In the Forests of Serre

McKinley, Robin

  • Pegasus

McNamee, Eoin

  • The Navigator

Mead, Richelle

Meding, Kelly

Melko, Paul

  • Singularity’s Ring

Meyer, Stephanie

  • Eclipse

Michelson, Karen

  • Enemy Glory

Micklem, Sarah

  • Firethorn

Mieville, China

Miller, Keith

  • The Book of Flying

Mills, K. E.

Mitchell, Syne

  • The Changeling Plague
  • The Last Mortal Man
  • Technogenesis

Modesitt Jr., L. E.

  • Empress of Eternity
  • Haze

Molles, D. J.

Monir, Alexandra

Monk, Devon

Moon, Elizabeth

  • Remnant Population
  • The Speed of Dark

Moore, Moira J.

  • Resenting the Hero

Morris, Paula

Morrow, James and Kathryn

  • The SFWA European Hall of Fame

Moyer, Jaime Lee

Myers, Jason

Myers, Archbishop John J.

  • Space Vulture (with Gary K. Wolf)

Myers, John Myers

  • Silverlock

Myron, Vicki

  • Dewey

Nagata, Linda

  • Memory

Nelson, J. C.

Neumeier, Rachel

Niven, Larry

  • The Draco Tavern
  • Inferno (with Jerry Pournelle)
  • N-Space
  • Scatterbrain

North, Pearl

Norton, Andre

  • Three Hands for Scorpio

Novik, Naomi

  • Empire of Ivory
  • His Majesty’s Dragon
  • Throne of Jade

Nye, Jody Lynn

O’Brien, Caragh M.

Odom, Mel

  • The Rover

Ohlin, Nancy

O’Kane, Lisa Ann

Okazak, Takashi

Oppel, Kenneth

Painter, Kristen

Pang, Allison

  • A Brush of Darkness

Parker, K. J.

Paul, Fiona

Peeler, Nicole

Pepperberg, Irene M.

Perry, Anne

  • Tathea

Petersen, Jesse

Phillips, Holly

  • The Engine’s Child

Phillips, Marie

  • Gods Behaving Badly

Picoult, Jodi

Pierce, Meredith Ann

  • Birth of the Firebringer

Pierce, Tamora

  • Beka Cooper: Terrier
  • Trickster’s Choice

Pini, Wendy and Richard

Pitts, J. A.

Pohl, Frederick

  • Platinum Pohl

Popescu, Petru

  • Weregirls: Birth of the Pack

Pournelle, Jerry

  • Inferno (with Larry Niven)

Pratchett, Terry

  • I Shall Wear Midnight
  • The Long Earth (with Stephen Baxter)
  • Making Money
  • Monstrous Regiment
  • Snuff
  • Thief of Time
  • Unseen Academicals
  • Wintersmith

Priest, Cherie

Rabe, Jean, ed.

  • Sol’s Children (with Martin H. Greenberg)
  • Timeshares (with Martin H. Greenberg)
  • Time Twisters (with Martin H. Greenberg)

Radford, Irene

  • Guardian of the Freedom
  • Guardian of the Promise
  • Guardian of the Vision
  • Thistle Down

Rawn, Melanie

Reay, Katherine

Redick, Robert V. S.

  • The Red Wolf Conspiracy

Reed, Kit

  • The Baby Merchant
  • Enclave

Reedy, Trent

Reichert, Mickey Zucker

  • The Beasts of Barakhai
  • The Return of Nightfall

Rendahl, Eileen

Resnick, Mike, ed.

  • Men Writing Science Fiction as Women
  • Nebula Awards Showcase 2007
  • Women Writing Science Fiction as Men

Reynolds, Alastair

  • The Prefect

Rhodes, Morgan

Richards, Elizabeth

Richardson, Kat

Riordan, Rick

  • The Lightning Thief

Roach, Mary

  • Packing for Mars

Roberts, Mark, ed.

  • The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric and Discredited Diseases (with Jeff Vandermeer)

Robinson, Kim Stanley

Robinson, Spider

  • The Free Lunch
  • Variable Star (with Robert A. Heinlein)

Rollins, James

  • Deep Fathom

Rosen, Lev AC

Roth, Veronica

Rothfuss, Patrick

  • The Name of the Wind
  • The Wise Man’s Fear

Rought, A. E.

Rowland, Diana

Rowling, J. K.

  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
  • Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Roy, Lauren M.

Rusch, Kristine Kathryn

  • The Disappeared

Russo, Richard Paul

  • Rosetta Codex
  • Ship of Fools

Ryan, Carrie

  • The Forest of Hands and Teeth

Saintcrow, Lilith

Sarath, Patrice

  • Gordath Wood

Sawyer, Robert J.

  • End of an Era
  • Foreigner
  • Hominids
  • Mindscan
  • Rollback
  • WWW: Wake

Scalzi, John

Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann, ed.

  • Past Lives, Present Tense

Schmid, Susan Maupin

  • Lost Time

Schoon, Christian

Schultz, Jamie

Schwab, V. E.

Schwarz, Liesel

Scott, M. J.

Scott, Michael

Scott, Tim

  • Outrageous Fortune

Segriff, Larry, ed.

  • Past Imperfect (with Martin H. Greenberg)

Shapero, Richard

  • Wild Animus

Shea, Ammon

  • Reading the OED

Shearin, Lisa

Sheckley, Robert

  • Mindswap

Shinn, Sharon

Silverberg, Robert, ed.

  • Legends II

Simmons, Kristen

Sinclair, Linnea

Smith, Daniel

Sniegoski, Thomas E.

  • Mean Streets (novella)

Snyder, Maria V.

  • Poison Study

Spencer, Wen

Steele, Allen

  • Galaxy Blues

Stemple, Adam

  • Steward of Song

Stevens, Amanda

Stewart, Ian

  • Heaven (with Jack Cohen)

Stewart, Sean

  • Galveston

Strohmeyer, Sarah

Stross, Charles

  • The Family Trade
  • Halting State
  • Rule 34

Sullivan, Michael J.

Swann, S. Andrew

Swanwick, Michael

  • The Dragons of Babel

Szpindel, Isaac, ed.

  • ReVisions (with Julie E. Czerneda)

Tallerman, David

Taylor, G. P.

  • Mariah Mundi: The Midas Box

Taylor, K. J.

  • The Dark Griffin

Tettensor, E. L.

Thomson, Brian M.

Thomson, Amy

  • Storyteller

Thurman, Rob

Tidhar, Lavie

Tolkien, J. R. R.

  • The Fellowship of the Ring

Troop, Alan F.

  • The Dragon Delasangre

Turgeon, Carolyn

  • Mermaid

Turtledove, Harry

Tuttle, Lisa

  • The MysteriesThe Pillow Friend

Vandermeer, Jeff, ed.

  • The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric and Discredited Diseases (with Mark Roberts)

Van Eekhout, Greg

Van Leer, Samantha

Van Lustbader, Eric

  • The Ring of Five Dragons

Varley, John

  • Mammoth
  • Rolling Thunder

Vaughn, Carrie

Vess, Charles

  • The Book of Ballads

Viehl, S. L.

  • Blade Dancer

Vinge, Joan D.

  • Tangled Up In Blue

Vinge, Vernor

  • Tatja Grimm’s World

von Eekhout, Greg

Walls, Jeannette

Walton, Jo

Warman, Jessica

  • Breathless

Warren, Kaaron

  • Walking the Tree

Watson, Jules

  • The Raven Queen

Watts, Peter

  • Blindsight

Weber, David

  • Off Armageddon Reef
  • Out of the Dark

Weir, Alison

  • Captive Queen

Weir, Andy

Welch, Michelle M.

  • Confidence Game

Wells, H. G.

  • The War of the Worlds

Wells, Jaye

Wells, Robison

Wendig, Chuck

Whaley, John Corey

Wheaton, Wil

Wheeler, S. M.

White, Dan

White, James

White, Steve

  • Saint Antony’s Fire

Whitlatch, Terryl

  • The Katurran Odyssey (with David Michael Wieger)

Wieger, David Michael

  • The Katurran Odyssey (with Terryl Whitlatch)

Wilkins, Kim

  • Giants of the Frost

Willett, Edward

Williams, Katie

Williams, Sheila, ed.

  • Isaac Asimov’s Halloween (with Gardner Dozois)

Williams, Tad

Williamson, Jack

  • The Stonehenge Gate

Willis, Connie

Wilson, Robert Charles

Wolf, Gary K.

  • Space Vulture (with Archbishop John J. Myers)

Wolfe, Gene

  • The Knight
  • Pirate Freedom
  • Starwater Strains

Wollheim, Elizabeth, ed.

Wood, N. Lee

  • Master of None

Woodall, Clive

  • One for Sorrow, Two for Joy

Woodworth, Stephen

  • From Black Rooms
  • In Golden Blood
  • With Red Hands

Wright, John C.

  • The Golden Age

Wright, Susan

  • A Pound of Flesh

Yancey, Rick

Zettel, Sarah

  • Sorcerer’s Treason
    The Usurper’s Crown

List by title

Absent by Katie Williams
Acacia by David Anthony Durham
Accidental Goddess by Linnea Sinclair
Accidental Sorcerer by K. E. Mills
Accidental Time Machine by Joe Haldeman
Accursed by Amber Benson and Christopher Golden
Afro Samurai by Takashi Okazak
Aftermath by Ann Aguirre
After the Golden Age by Carrie Vaughn
After the King by Martin H. Greenberg, editor
Aftertime by Sophie Littlefield
Agave Kiss by Ann Aguirre
Alex and Me by Irene Pepperberg
Alien Emergencies by James White
Alien Taste by Wen Spencer
All Men of Genius by Lev AC Rosen
American Gods by Neil Gaiman (reviewed concurrent with Coraline)
Among Others by Jo Walton
Among Thieves by Douglas Hulick
Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman
Android’s Dream by John Scalzi
Angel Town by Lilith Saintcrow
Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake
Another Kind of Dead by Kelly Meding
Ariel by Steven R. Boyett
Article 5 by Kristen Simmons
Artificial Night by Seanan McGuire
Ashes of Honor by Seanan McGuire
Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb
As Lie the Dead by Kelly Meding
Autumn Bones by Jacqueline Carey
Awakenings by Edward Lazellari
Axis by Robert Charles Wilson[/weaver_showhide]

B[weaver_showhide]Baby Merchant by Kit Reed
Banewreaker by Jacqueline Carey
Barricade in Hell by Jaime Lee Moyer
Bastion by Mercedes Lackey
Bear Daughter by Judith Berman
Beasts of Barakhai by Mickey Zucker Reichert
Beautiful Land by Alan Averill
Beauty and the Werewolf by Mercedes Lackey
Behind Time by Lynn Abbey
Beka Cooper: Terrier by Tamora Pierce
Belladonna by Fiona Paul
Best of All Possible Worlds by Karen Lord
Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult and Samantha van Leer
Big Over Easy by Jasper Fforde
Big Reap by Chris F. Holm
Bikini Planet by David Garnett
Birth of the Firebringer by Meredith Ann Pierce
Bitter Angels by C. L. Anderson
Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig
Black Blade Blues by J. A. Pitts
Blackout by Mira Grant
Blackout by Connie Willis
Blackveil by Kristen Britain
Black Wings by Christina Henry
Blade Dancer by S. L. Viehl
Blameless by Gail Carriger
Blazed by Jason Myers
Bleeding Out by Jes Battis
Blindsight by Peter Watts
Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs
Bloodbound by Erin Lindsey
Blood Groove by Alex Bledsoe
Blood of Dragons by Robin Hobb
Blood Red by Mercedes Lackey
Blood Rights by Kristen Painter
Bloodshot by Cherie Priest
Blue Blazes by Chuck Wendig
Blue-Blooded Vamp by Jaye Wells
Body Inc. by Alan Dean Foster
Bone Crossed by Patricia Briggs
Book of Ballads by Charles Vess
Book of Flying by Keith Miller
Book of the Night by Pearl North
Boy From Ilysies by Pearl North
Brain Thief by Alexander Jablokov
Brazen by Katherine Longshore
Breathless by Jessica Warman
Briar King by Greg Keyes
Bridge of Souls by Fiona McIntosh
Bridge of Years by Robert Charles Wilson
Brightly Burning by Mercedes Lackey
Broken by A. E. Rought
Broken Homes by Ben Aaronovitch
Broken Kingdoms by N. K. Jemisin
Bronze Gods by A. A. Aguirre
Brush of Darkness by Allison Pang
Buried Pyramid by Jane Lindskold[/weaver_showhide]

C[weaver_showhide]Cactus Eaters by Dan White
California Bones by Greg Van Eekhout
Camouflage by Joe Haldeman
Captive Queen by Alison Weir
Caress of Twilight by Laurell K. Hamilton
Carnival by Elizabeth Bear
Carpathia by Matt Forbeck
Carpet Makers by Andreas Eschbach
Caves of Buda by Leah R. Cutter
Celtika by Robert Holdstock
Charming by Elliott James
Changeless by Gail Carriger
Changeling Plague by Syne Mitchell
Changes by Jim Butcher
Changes by Mercedes Lackey
Changing the World by Mercedes Lackey, ed.
Chasing Magic by Stacia Kane
Chicks Kick Butt by Rachel Caine and Kerrie L. Hughes, ed.
Child Goddess by Louise Marley
Child of a Rainless Year by Jane Lindskold
Child of Fire by Harry Connolly
Child of the Prophecy by Juliet Marillier
Children of Scarabaeus by Sara Creasy
Chimera by Rob Thurman
Chimes at Midnight by Seanan McGuire
Chronoliths by Robert Charles Wilson
Circle of Enemies by Harry Connolly
Clean by Alex Hughes
Close Contact by Katherine Allred
Close Encounters by Katherine Allred
Closer to Home by Mercedes Lackey
Codex Born by Jim C. Hines
Coming by Joe Haldeman
Confidence Game by Michelle M. Welch
Conspiracies by Mercedes Lackey and Rosemary Edghill
Conspiracy of Alchemists by Liesel Schwarz
Copperhead by Tina Connolly
Coraline by Neil Gaiman
Cormorant by Chuck Wendig
Cosmic Cocktails by Denise Little, editor
Crime Spells by Martin H. Greenberg and Lauren L. Coleman, ed.
Crossed by Ally Condie
Crossroads by Mercedes Lackey, editor
Crown Tower by Michael J. Sullivan
Curse Dark as Gold by Elizabeth C. Bunce
Curse of Chalion by Lois McMaster Bujold
Cursed by Benedict Jacka[/weaver_showhide]

D[weaver_showhide]Dance of Shadows by Yelena Black
Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas
Dark Companion by Marta Acosta
Dark Currents by Jacqueline Carey
Dark Griffin by K. J. Taylor
Dark Jenny by Alex Bledsoe
Dark Light of Day by Jill Archer
Darkness Devours by Keri Arthur
Darkness Hunts by Keri Arthur
Darkness Unbound by Keri Arthur
Darkwalker by E. L. Tettensor
Darwin Elevator by Jason M. Hough
Darwin’s Children by Greg Bear
Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier
Daughter of the Sword by Steve Bein
Daylight War by Peter V. Brett
Dead Beat by Jim Butcher
Dead Harvest by Chris F. Holm
Dead Iron by Devon Monk
Dead Letter Day by Eileen Rendahl
Deadline by Mira Grant
Dead Lines by Greg Bear
Dead Man Rising by Lilith Saintcrow
Dead of Winter by Lee Collins
Dead on Delivery by Eileen Rendahl
Deadhouse Gates by Steven Erikson
Dearly, Beloved by Lia Habel
Dearly, Departed by Lia Habel
Death’s Daughter by Amber Benson
Deep Down by Deborah Coates
Deep Fathom by James Rollins
Desert Spear by Peter V. Brett
Devil’s Punch by Ann Aguirre
Dewey by Vicki Myron
Dime Store Magic by Kelley Armstrong
Dirty Magic by Jaye Wells
Dirty Streets of Heaven by Tad Williams
Disappeared by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Discount Armageddon by Seanan McGuire
Discourse in Steel by Paul S. Kemp
Divergent by Veronica Roth
Divided We Fall by Trent Reedy
Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron
Doktor Glass by Thomas Brennan
Don’t Kill the Messenger by Eileen Rendahl
Doubleblind by Ann Aguirre
Downpour by Kat Richardson
Draco Tavern by Larry Niven
Dragon Champion by E.E. Knight
Dragon DelaSangre by Alan F. Troop
Dragon Haven by Robin Hobb
Dragon Princess by S. Andrew Swann
Dragon Queen by Alice Borchardt
Dragon’s Kin by Anne McCaffrey and Todd McCaffrey
Dragonmaster by Chris Bunch
Dragons of Babel by Michael Swanwick
Dreadnought by Cherie Priest
Dreamer’s Pool by Juliet Marillier
Dreams of the Golden Age by Carrie Vaughn
Drink Slay Love by Sarah Beth Durst
Drowning Girl by Caitlin R. Kiernan
Dune: The Butlerian Jihad by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson
Dusk by Tim Lebbon[/weaver_showhide]

E[weaver_showhide]Earth Afire by Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston
Earth Awakens by Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston
Earth Unaware by Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston
Eat Slay Love by Jesse Petersen
Eccentric Circles by Rebecca Lickiss
Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer
Elder Gods by David and Leigh Eddings
Elemental Magic by Mercedes Lackey, ed.
Elisha Barber by E. C. Ambrose
Elisha Magus by E. C. Ambrose
Elom by William H. Drinkard
Elsewhens by Melanie Rawn
Embassytown by China Mieville
Ember and Ash by Pamela Freeman
Empire by Orson Scott Card
Empire of Ivory by Naomi Novik
Empress of Eternity by L. E. Modesitt, Jr.
Enchantment Emporium by Tanya Huff
Enclave by Ann Aguirre
Enclave by Kit Reed
Endgame by Ann Aguirre
End of an Era by Robert J. Sawyer
Ender in Exile by Orson Scott Card
Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card
Enemy Glory by Karen Michalson
Engine’s Child by Holly Phillips
Entwined by Heather Dixon
Essence by Lisa Ann O’Kane
Etched City by K. J. Bishop
Etiquette and Espionage by Gail Carriger
Even White Trash Zombies Get the Blues by Diana Rowland
Everafter by Amy Huntley
Evolution by Stephen Baxter
Exile’s Honor by Mercedes Lackey
Exile’s Valor by Mercedes Lackey
Exodus Towers by Jason M. Hough
Eye of the Labyrinth by Jennifer Fallon
Eye of the Tempest by Nicole Peeler
Eyes of God by John Marco
Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde[/weaver_showhide]

F[weaver_showhide]Fairest by Gail Carson Levine
Fallen Blade by Jo Courtenay Grimwood
Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes
Fall of Light by Nina Kiriki Hoffman
Family Trade by Charles Stross
Fated by Benedict Jacka
Fateful by Claudia Gray
Fathom by Cherie Priest
Feast for Crows by George R. R. Martin
Feast: Harvest of Dreams by Merrie Destefano
Feed by Mira Grant
Fellowship of the Ring by J. R. R. Tolkien
Fiery Edge of Steel by Jill Archer
Fifth Ring by Mitchell Graham
Fifth Sorceress by Robert Newcomb
Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey
Fifty Degrees Below by Kim Stanley Robinson
Finding the Way by Mercedes Lackey, ed.
Firebird by Mercedes Lackey
Fire Raiser by Melanie Rawn
Firethorn by Sarah Micklem
First Rider’s Call by Kristen Britain
Fitcher’s Brides by Gregory Frost
Flesh and Blood by Kristen Painter
Flesh and Spirit by Carol Berg
Flip This Zombie by Jesse Petersen
Fool’s Assassin by Robin Hobb
Fool’s Errand by Robin Hobb
Fool’s Fate by Robin Hobb
Foreigner by Robert J. Sawyer
Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan
Forest of Stars by Kevin J. Anderson
Forged by Fire by Janine Cros
Forged in Fire by J. A. Pitts
Forty Signs of Rain by Kim Stanley Robinson
Four and Twenty Blackbirds by Cherie Priest
Frankenstein: Prodigal Son by Dean Koontz and Kevin J. Anderson
Free Agent by J. C. Nelson
Free Lunch by Spider Robinson
From Black Rooms by Stephen Woodworth
Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs
Full Blooded by Amanda Carlson
Full Moon Rising by Keri Arthur
Future Americas by John Helfers and Martin H. Greenberg, editors
Future Falls by Tanya Huff
Future Sports by Gardner Dozois and Jack Dann, ed.
Futureshocks by Lou Anders, editor
Fuzzy Nation by John Scalzi[/weaver_showhide]

G[weaver_showhide]Galaxy Blues by Allen Steele
Galileo’s Dream by Kim Stanley Robinson
Galveston by Sean Stewart
Game of Cages by Harry Connolly
Ganymede by Cherie Priest
Games of Command by Linnea Sinclair
Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson
Gates of Sleep by Mercedes Lackey
Generation V by M. L. Brennan
Ghostgirl by Tonya Hurley
Ghostlight by Marion Zimmer Bradley
Ghost Story by Jim Butcher
Ghost Train to New Orleans by Mur Lafferty
Ghosts in the Snow by Tamara Siler Jones
Ghosts of Albion: Accursed by Amber Benson and Christopher Golden
Ghosts of Memories by Barb Hendee
Giant Thief by David Tallerman
Giants of the Frost by Kim Wilkins
Gift of Dragons by Anne McCaffrey
Gilt by Katherine Longshore
Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake
Girls with Games of Blood by Alex Bledsoe
Glamour in Glass by Mary Robinette Kowal
Glass Soup by Jonathan Carroll
Goddess Inheritance by Aimee Carter
Goddess Interrupted by Aimee Carter
God Save the Queen by Kate Locke
Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Phillips
Godslayer by Jacqueline Carey
Golden Age by John C. Wright
Golden Fool by Robin Hobb
Gordath Wood by Patrice Sarath
Graduation Day by Joelle Charbonneau
Grails: Quests of the Dawn by Richard Gilliam, Martin H. Greeberg, Edward E. Kramer, ed.
Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers
Graveminder by Melissa Marr
Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman
Gravity Pilot by M. M. Buckner
Grease Monkey by Tim Eldred
Great Game by Lavie Tidhar
Great Sky Woman by Steven Barnes
Green-Eyed Demon by Jaye Wells
Grendel Affair by Lisa Shearin
Greywalker by Kat Richardson
Grimspace by Ann Aguirre
Guardian of the Freedom by Irene Radford
Guardian of the Promise by Irene Radford
Guardian of the Vision by Irene Radford
Guardian by Joe Haldeman
Guardians of the Keep by Carol Berg
Gunpowder Empire by Harry Turtledove
Gunslinger by Stephen King
Gwenhwyfar: The White Spirit by Mercedes Lackey
Gypsy by Steven Brust and Megan Lindholm[/weaver_showhide]

H[weaver_showhide]Hades’ Daughter by Sara Douglass
Halting State by Charles Stross
Hammer by K. J. Parker
Hammer and the Blade by Paul S. Kemp
Hammered by Elizabeth Bear
Hammered by Kevin Hearne
Happy Hour in Hell by Tad Williams
Hard SF Renaissance by David G. Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer, editors
Harlequin by Laurell K. Hamilton
Harmony by C. F. Bentley
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J. K. Rowling
Haze by L. E. Modesitt Jr.
Heartless by Gail Carriger
Heart of Light by Sarah A. Hoyt
Heart of Stone by Denny DeMartino
Heart’s Blood by Juliet Marillier
Heaven by Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen
Heaven’s Spite by Lilith Saintcrow
He Drank, and Saw the Spider by Alex Bledsoe
Heir of Autumn by Giles Carwyn and Todd Fahnestock
Heir of Novron by Michael J. Sullivan
Heir to Sevenwaters by Juliet Marillier
Hellbent by Cherie Priest
Hexed by Kevin Hearne
Hidden Goddess by M. K. Hobson
High King’s Tomb by Kristen Britain
Hinterland by James Clemens
His Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik
Holder of Lightning by S.L. Farrell
Home from the Sea by Mercedes Lackey
Hominids by Robert J. Sawyer
Homer’s Odyssey by Gwen Cooper
Honeyed Words by J. A. Pitts
Horizon by Sophie Littlefield
Horns by Joe Hill
Hot Blooded by Amanda Carlson
Hounded by Kevin Hearne
House of Shadows by Rachel Neumeier
House of the Four Winds by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory
How Precious Was That While by Piers Anthony
Hull Zero Three by Greg Bear
Human Blend by Alan Dean Foster
The Hum and the Shiver by Alex Bledsoe
Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N. K. Jemisin
Hunger by Jackie Morse Kessler
Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Hyperthought by M.M. Buckner[/weaver_showhide]

I[weaver_showhide]If I Were an Evil Overlord by Edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Russell Davis
Ill Met By Moonlight by Sarah A. Hoyt
Ill-Made Mute by Cecilia Dart-Thornton
Illyria by Elizabeth Hand
Impossible Places by Alan Dean Foster
In a Fix by Linda Grimes
Independent Study by Joelle Charbonneau
In Golden Blood by Stephen Woodworth
In Memories We Fear by Barb Hendee
In the Company of Others by Julie E. Czerneda
In the Forests of Serre by Patricia A. McKillip
In the Ocean of Night by Gregory Benford
Infernal Affairs by Jes Battis
Inferno by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle
Into the Storm by Taylor Anderson
Intrigues by Mercedes Lackey
Invasive Procedures by Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston
Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs
Iron Night by M. L. Brennan
Ironskin by Tina Connolly
Iron Wyrm Affair by Lilith Saintcrow
Isaac Asimov’s Halloween by Gardner Dozois and Sheila Williams, ed.
Is Anybody Out There? by Nick Gevers and Marty Halpern, ed.
I Shall Wear Midnight by Terry Pratchett[/weaver_showhide]

J[weaver_showhide]Jane Bites Back by Michael Thomas Ford
Jane Goes Batty by Michael Thomas Ford
Jane Vows Vengeance by Michael Thomas Ford
January Dancer by Michael Flynn
Jenna Starborn by Sharon Shinn
Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke
Joust by Mercedes Lackey
Julian Comstock by Robert Charles Wilson
Jumper: Griffin’s Story by Steven Gould
Just a Geek by Wil Wheaton[/weaver_showhide]

K[weaver_showhide]Katurran Odyssey by Terryl Whitlatch and David Michael Wieger
Keeping the Castle by Patrice Kindl
Key to Conflict by Talia Gryphon
Killbox by Ann Aguirre
Killing Moon by N. K. Jemisin
Kingdom by Amanda Stevens
Kingdom of Gods by N. K. Jemisin
King’s Property by Morgan Howell
King’s Wrath by Fiona McIntosh
Kissing Sin by Keri Arthur
Kitty and the Silver Bullet by Carrie Vaughn
Kitty in the Underworld by Carrie Vaughn
Kitty Steals the Show by Carrie Vaughn
Kitty’s Big Trouble by Carrie Vaughn
Kitty’s Greatest Hits by Carrie Vaughn
Knight Fantastic by Martin H. Greenberg and John Helfers, eds.
Knight Life by Peter David
Knight by Gene Wolfe
Kushiel’s Dart by Jacqueline Carey
Kushiel’s Justice by Jacqueline Carey
Kushiel’s Mercy by Jacqueline Carey
Kushiel’s Scion by Jacqueline Carey[/weaver_showhide]

L[weaver_showhide]Labyrinth by Kat Richardson
Lancelot du Lethe by J. Robert King
Landry Park by Bethany Hagen
Last Light of the Sun by Guy Gavriel Kay
Last Mortal Man by Syne Mitchell
Last Rite by Lisa Desrochers
Late Eclipses by Seanan McGuire
Laughing at My Nightmare by Shane Burcaw
Legacies by Mercedes Lackey and Rosemary Edghill
Legend by Marie Lu
Legend of Luke by Brian Jacques
Legends II by Robert Silverberg, editor
Le Morte D’Avalon by J. Robert King
Liar by Justine Larbalestier
Libriomancer by Jim C. Hines
Libyrinth by Pearl North
Lies, Inc. by Philip K. Dick
Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch
Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan
Lion of Senet by Jennifer Fallon
Little Country by Charles De Lint
Lives We Lost by Megan Crewe
Lizzy and Jane by Katherine Reay
Lock In by John Scalzi
Longbourn by Jo Baker
Long Earth by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter
Long Hot Summoning by Tanya Huff
Long Live the Queen by Kate Locke
Lord Brocktree by Brian Jacques
Lord of Snow and Shadows by Sarah Ash
Lost and Found by Alan Dean Foster
Lost Gate by Orson Scott Card
Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde
Lost Time by Susan Maupin Schmid[/weaver_showhide]

M[weaver_showhide]Mad Scientist’s Daughter by Cassandra Rose Clarke
Mage in Black by Jaye Wells
Magic at the Gate by Devon Monk
Magician King by Lev Grossman
Magicians by Lev Grossman
Magician’s Land by Lev Grossman
Magickers by Emily Drake
Magic for a Price by Devon Monk
Magic on the Hunt by Devon Monk
Magic on the Line by Devon Monk
Magic Without Mercy by Devon Monk
Magic’s Silken Snare by Elizabeth Gilligan
Magic Street by Orson Scott Card
Mainspring by Jay Lake
Make Room! Make Room! by Harry Harrison
Making Money by Terry Pratchett
Mammoth by John Varley
Man vs. Machine by John Helfers and Martin H. Greenberg, editors
Many Faces of Van Helsing by Jeanne Cavelos, ed
Maplecroft by Cherie Priest
Map of Moments by Christopher Golden and Tim Lebbon
Mariah Mundi: The Midas Box by G.P. Taylor
Marked by Alex Hughes
Married with Zombies by Jesse Petersen
Martian by Andy Weir
Master of None by N. Lee Wood
Matched by Ally Condie
Mean Streets by Butcher/Green/Richardson/Sniegoski
Meek by Scott Mackay
Memories of Envy by Barb Hendee
Memory by Linda Nagata
Men Writing Science Fiction as Women by Mike Resnick, editor
Mercy Burns by Keri Arthur
Mermaid by Carolyn Turgeon
Midnight Blue-Light Special by Seanan McGuire
Midnight Queen by Sylvia Izzo Hunter
Midnight Riot by Ben Aaronovitch
Mindscan by Robert J. Sawyer
Mindswap by Robert Sheckley
Mirror Empire by Kameron Hurley
Mistress of Winter by Giles Carwyn and Todd Fahnestock
Mist-Torn Witches by Barb Hendee
Mockingbird by Chuck Wendig
Monkey Mind by Daniel Smith
Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia
Monster Hunter Vendetta by Larry Correia
Monstrous Regiment by Terry Pratchett
Monument by Ian Graham
Moon Called by Patricia Briggs
Moon Over Soho by Ben Aaronovitch
Mortal Bone by Marjorie M. Liu
Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop
My Life as a White Trash Zombie by Diana Rowland
My Real Children by Jo Walton
Mysteries by Lisa Tuttle
Mystery of Grace by Charles de Lint
Mystic Warrior by Tracy and Laura Hickman
Myth-Fortunes by Robert Asprin and Jody Lynn Nye[/weaver_showhide]

N[weaver_showhide]N-Space by Larry Niven
Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss
Native Star by M. K. Hobson
Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan
Navigator by Eoin McNamee
Nebula Awards Showcase 2007 by Edited by Mike Resnick
New Spring by Robert Jordan
Newton’s Wake by Ken MacLeod
Night Child by Jes Battis
Nightlife by Rob Thurman
Nightmare Affair by Mindee Arnett
Night Owls by Lauren M. Roy
Norse Code by Greg van Eekhout
Northstar by Phil S. Benson
Not Flesh Nor Feathers by Cherie Priest[/weaver_showhide]

O[weaver_showhide]OCD Love Story by Corey Ann Haydu
Odalisque by Fiona McIntosh
Off Armageddon Reef by David Weber
Of Saints and Shadows by Christopher Golden
Omega Days by John L. Campbell
Omega Sol by Scott Mackay
Omnitopia Dawn by Diane Duane
On Crusade by Katherine Kurtz, editor
Once Upon a Galaxy by Wil McCarthy, Martin H. Greenberg, John Helfers, editors
Once Upon a Summer Day by Dennis McKiernan
Once Upon A Winter’s Night by Dennis McKiernan
Once Upon an Autumn Eve by Dennis L. McKiernan
One For Sorrow, Two For Joy by Clive Woodall
One Salt Sea by Seanan McGuire
Onion Girl by Charles de Lint
Oracle’s Queen by Lynn Flewelling
Orbis by Scott Mackay
Original Sin by Lisa Desrochers
Out of the Dark by David Weber
Out of the Wild by Sarah Beth Durst
Outrageous Fortune by Tim Scott[/weaver_showhide]

P[weaver_showhide]Packing for Mars by Mary Roach
Paladin of Souls by Lois McMaster Bujold
Pandemonium by Daryl Gregory
Panic by Sharon M. Draper
Paper Mage by Leah R. Cutter
Passage by Connie Willis
Passion Play by Beth Bernobich
Past Imperfect by Martin H. Greenberg and Larry Segriff, editors
Past Lives, Present Tense by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, editor
Patriot Witch by C. C. Finlay
Peacemaker by Marianne De Pierres
Pegasus by Robin McKinley
Perdition by Ann Aguirre
Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers
Phoenix by Elizabeth Richards
Phoenix and Ashes by Mercedes Lackey
Pickup Artist by Terry Bisson
Pillars of the World by Anne Bishop
Pillow Friend by Lisa Tuttle
Pirate Freedom by Gene Wolfe
Plague Forge by Jason M. Hough
Platinum Pohl by Frederick Pohl
Plot to Save Socrates by Paul Levinson
Poison Fruit by Jacqueline Carey
Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder
Polaris by Jack McDevitt
Poltergeist by Kat Richardson
Pound of Flesh by Susan Wright
Prefect by Alastair Reynolds
Premonitions by Jamie Schultz
Princess of Landover by Terry Brooks
Princess of Thorns by Stacey Jay
Prodigy by Marie Lu
Prophet by Amanda Stevens
Prophets by S. Andrew Swann
Proven Guilty by Jim Butcher[/weaver_showhide]

Q[weaver_showhide]Quarter Square by David Bridger
Queen is Dead by Kate Locke
Quofum by Alan Dean Foster[/weaver_showhide]

R[weaver_showhide]Railsea by China Mieville
Raising Stony Mayhall by Dary Gregory
Random by Tom Leveen
Raven Queen by Jules Watson
Reading the OED by Ammon Shea
Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
Rebirth by Sophie Littlefield
Recursion by Tony Ballantyne
Redoubt by Mercedes Lackey
Red Knight by Miles Cameron
Red Queen by Philippa Gregory
Redshirts by John Scalzi
Red Tree by Caitlin R. Kiernan
Red Wolf Conspiracy by Robert V. S. Redick
Regina’s Song by David and Leigh Eddings
Remaining by D. J. Molles
Remaining: Aftermath by D. J. Molles
Remnant Population by Elizabeth Moon
Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch
Resenting the Hero by Moira J. Moore
Restoration by Guy Adams
Restorer by Amanda Stevens
Resurrection by Arwen Elys Dayton
Return of Nightfall by Mickey Zucker Reichert
ReVisions by Julie E. Czerneda and Isaac Szpindel, editors
Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly
Right Hand Magic by Nancy Collins
Ring of Five Dragons by Eric Van Lustbader
Rise of Empire by Michael J. Sullivan
Rise of the Spider Goddess by Jim C. Hines
River Marked by Patricia Briggs
River Road by Suzanne Johnson
Rollback by Robert J. Sawyer
Rolling Thunder by John Varley
Rose and the Thorn by Michael J. Sullivan
Rosetta Codex by Richard Paul Russo
Rover by Mel Odom
Royal Street by Suzanne Johnson
Ruined by Paula Morris
Ruined City by Paula Brandon
Rule 34 by Charles Stross[/weaver_showhide]

S[weaver_showhide]Sacred by Elana K. Arnold
Sacrifices by Mercedes Lackey and Rosemary Edghill
Sacrificial Magic by Stacia Kane
Saint Antony’s Fire by Steve White
Saint City Sinners by Lilith Saintcrow
Salmon of Doubt by Douglas Adams
Santa Olivia by Jacqueline Carey
Scatterbrain by Larry Niven
Sea Change by Patricia Bray
Sea Change by S. M. Wheeler
Searcher and the Sword by Wendy and Richard Pini
Second Contact by J. D. Austin
Secrets of Lily Graves by Sarah Strohmeyer
Seduced By Moonlight by Laurell K. Hamilton
Serpent’s Shadow by Mercedes Lackey
Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde
Shades of Milk and Honey by Mary Robinette Kowal
Shadow Kin by M. J. Scott
Shadow of the Giant by Orson Scott Card
Shadow of the Hegemon by Orson Scott Card
Shadow Puppets by Orson Scott Card
Shadowbridge by Gregory Frost
Shadowed by Wings by Janine Cross
Shadowfall by James Clemens
Shadows in Flight by Orson Scott Card
Shadows Return by Lynn Flewelling
Shady Lady by Ann Aguirre
Shambling Guide to New York City by Mur Lafferty
Shape of Desire by Sharon Shinn
Sharp by Alex Hughes
Sharps by K. J. Parker
Shattered by Kevin Hearne
She Returns from War by Lee Collins
Ship of Fools by Richard Paul Russo
Ship of the Dead by John L. Campbell
Silver Ship and the Sea by Brenda Cooper
Silverblind by Tina Connolly
Silverlock by John Myers Myers
Silver Star by Jeannette Walls
Silver-Tongued Devil by Jaye Wells
Singularity’s Ring by Paul Melko
Sins of the Demon by Diana Rowland
Sixty Days and Counting by Kim Stanley Robinson
Slipstreams by Martin H. Greenberg, John Helfers, editors
Small Favor by Jim Butcher
Snuff by Terry Pratchett
Sol’s Children by Jean Rabe and Martin H. Greenberg, editors
Something Rotten by Jasper Fforde
Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard
Son of Avonar by Carol Berg
Son of the Shadows by Juliet Marillier
Song of Scarabaeus by Sara Creasy
Song of the Beast by Carol Berg
Soon I Will Be Invincible by Austin Grossman
Sorcerer’s Treason by Sarah Zettel
Sorcery Rising by Jude Fisher
Soulless by Gail Carriger
Soul Mirror by Carol Berg
Soul Weaver by Carol Berg
Space Stations by Martin H. Greenberg and John Helfers, ed.
Space Vulture by Gary K. Wolf and Archbiship John J. Myers
Sparrow Hill Road by Seanan McGuire
Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon
Spellbinder by Melanie Rawn
Spellwright by Blake Charlton
Spin by Robert Charles Wilson
Spirit Eater by Rachel Aaron
Spirit Lens by Carol Berg
Spirit of Thunder by Kurt R. A. Giambastiani
Spirit Thief by Rachel Aaron
Spirit War by Rachel Aaron
Spirits in the Wires by Charles de Lint
Splintered by A. G. Howard
Squaring the Circle by Niel Hancock
Starbound by Joe Haldeman
Star Dragon by Mike Brotherton
Star Wars: Tatooine Ghost by Troy Denning
Starwater Strains by Gene Wolfe
Steadfast by Mercedes Lackey
Steward of Song by Adam Stemple
Still Life with Shape-Shifter by Sharon Shinn
Stonehenge Gate by Jack Williamson
Storyteller by Amy Thomson
Street Magic by Caitlin Kittredge
Stroke of Midnight by Laurell K. Hamilton
Study in Ashes by Emma Jane Holloway
Study in Darkness by Emma Jane Holloway
Study in Silks by Emma Jane Holloway
Succubus Dreams by Richelle Mead
Succubus Revealed by Richelle Mead
Summer Country by James A. Hetley
Sum of Her Parts by Alan Dean Foster
Supervolcano: Eruption by Harry Turtledove
Suspicion by Alexandra Monir
SWFA European Hall of Fame by James Morrow and Kathryn Morrow, editors[/weaver_showhide]

T[weaver_showhide]Taggerung by Brian Jacques
Take a Thief by Mercedes Lackey
Taken by Thomas Cook
Talyn by Holly Lisle
Tangled Up In Blue by Joan D. Vinge
Tarnish by Katherine Longshore
Tathea by Anne Perry
Tatja Grimm’s World by Vernor Vinge
Taylor’s Ark by Jody Lynn Nye
Technogenesis by Syne Mitchell
Tempest Rising by Nicole Peeler
Tempest’s Fury by Nicole Peeler
Tempest’s Legacy by Nicole Peeler
Tempting Evil by Keri Arthur
Terminated by Rachel Caine
Terra Insegura by Edward Willett
Testing by Joelle Charbonneau
Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric and Discredited Diseases by Jeff Vandermeer and Mark Roberts, editors
Theft of Swords by Michael J. Sullivan
Thief of Time by Terry Pratchett
Third Magic by Molly Cochran
Thirteen Hallows by Michael Scott and Colette Freedman
Thirteen Orphans by Jane Lindskold
Thirtieth Anniversary DAW: Fantasy by Elizabeth Wollheim, Sheila E. Gilbert, ed
This Case is Gonna Kill Me by Phillipa Bornikova
This Dark Endeavor by Kenneth Oppel
Thistle Down by Irene Radford
Thomas the Rhymer by Ellen Kushner
Thorn Abbey by Nancy Ohlin
Thornlost by Melanie Rawn
Threads of Malice by Tamara Siler Jones
Three Hands for Scorpio by Andre Norton
Threshold by Sara Douglass
Throne of Jade by Naomi Novik
Through Wolf’s Eyes by Jane Lindskold
Thunder Rift by Matthew Farrell
Tigerheart by Peter David
Tim, Defender of the Earth! by Sam Enthoven
Timeless by Gail Carriger
Timeshares by Jean Rabe and Martin H. Greenberg, editors
Timecaster by Joe Kimball
Time Travelers Never Die by Jack McDevitt
Time Twisters by Jean Rabe and Martin H. Greenberg, editors
Time’s Eye by Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter
Tin Swift by Devon Monk
Tooth and Claw by Jo Walton
Total Oblivion, More or Less by Alan DeNiro
Touch the Dark by Karen Chance
Touched by Venom by Janine Cross
Touchstone by Melanie Rawn
Tracking the Tempest by Nicole Peeler
Traitor’s Daughter by Paula Brandon
Trapped by Kevin Hearne
Tricked by Kevin Hearne
Trickster’s Choice by Tamora Pierce
Truth About Alice by Jennifer Mathieu
Tudors by Peter Ackroyd
Turn Coat by Jim Butcher
Two Weeks’ Notice by Rachel Caine[/weaver_showhide]

U[weaver_showhide]Un Lun Dun by China Mieville
Underground by Kat Richardson
Under Heaven by Guy Gavriel Kay
Under the Vale by Mercedes Lackey (editor)
Undone by Rachel Caine
Unholy Ghosts by Stacia Kane
Unnatural Issue by Mercedes Lackey
Unseen Academicals by Terry Pratchett
Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan
Usurper’s Crown by Sarah Zettel[/weaver_showhide]

V[weaver_showhide]Valdemar Companion by John Helfers and Denise Little, eds
Valley of the Soul by Tamara Siler Jones
Valour and Vanity by Mary Robinette Kowal
Vampire Tapestry by Suzy McKee Charnas
Variable Star by Robert A. Heinlein and Spider Robinson
Variant by Robison Wells
Vault of Dreamers by Caragh M. O’Brien
Venom by Fiona Paul
Vicious by V. E. Schwab
Victories by Mercedes Lackey and Rosemary Edghill
VIII by H. M. Castor[/weaver_showhide]

W[weaver_showhide]Wake of the Bloody Angel by Alex Bledsoe
Walking the Tree by Kaaron Warren
Wanderers by Paula Brandon
Wanderlust by Ann Aguirre
War of Gifts by Orson Scott Card
War of the Flowers by Tad Williams
War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells
Watermind by M. M. Buckner
Way We Fall by Megan Crewe
Weregirls: Birth of the Pack by Petru Popescu
When the World Was Flat (And We Were In Love) by Ingrid Jonach
Where Things Come Back by John Corey Whaley
Whispers Under Ground by Ben Aaronovitch
White As Snow by Tanith Lee
White Night by Jim Butcher
White Trash Zombie Apocalypse by Diana Rowland
Widdershins by Charles de Lint
Wide Open by Deborah Coates
Wild Animus by Rich Shapero
Wild Ways by Tanya Huff
Wildwood Dancing by Juliet Marillier
Willful Child by Steven Erikson
Wings to the Kingdom by Cherie Priest
Winter Long by Seanan McGuire
Winter Oak by James A. Hetley
Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett
Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss
Wisp of a Thing by Alex Bledsoe
Witches in Red by Barb Hendee
Without a Summer by Mary Robinette Kowal
With Red Hands by Stephen Woodworth
Wizard Alone by Diane Duane
Wizards at War by Diane Duane
Wizard’s Promise by Cassandra Rose Clarke
Woken Gods by Gwenda Bond
Wolf in White Van by John Darnielle
Wolfskin by Juliet Marillier
Women Writing Science Fiction As Men by Mike Resnick, editor
Wooden Sea by Jonathan Carroll
Working Stiff by Rachel Caine
World House by Guy Adams
Written in Red by Anne Bishop
Wrong Goodbye by Chris F. Holm
WWW: Wake by Robert J. Sawyer[/weaver_showhide]

Y[weaver_showhide]Year’s Best Science Fiction by Gardner Dozois, ed.
Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded by John Scalzi
Ysabel by Guy Gavriel Kay
Yuletide Universe by Brian M. Thomson, ed.[/weaver_showhide]

Z[weaver_showhide]Zenn Scarlett by Christian Schoon[/weaver_showhide]