Update for December 4

Spring Owlcat  Whew, where did last month go?  I swear, this year has flown by.

Several new reviews have been added to the Purrfect Prose blog, and the husby has made a couple of entries in the Walk It Off blog.  We’re still working on getting some travel-related stuff together, and I’m planning on doing some general book-related entries in the new year.

Site update news

Spring Owlcat   Good morning, all.  No new pics uploaded (got a lot of stuff to go through!), but there have been a few new reviews since last time: Ann Aguirre’s Perdition, D. J. MacHale’s SYLO, and Daniel Smith’s Monkey Mind.

We’ve been working on getting some content into the “Places to Go” section, so hopefully there will be some pages up there soon.

New review to come later today.

Site update 10/28/13

Spring Owlcat  Hello, all.  A bit light on the updates this time around.  Some new pics have been added to the “Birds” and “Sea Life, Insects and Reptiles” galleries.  About another month of reviews has been converted to the blog format.  And a review was posted of Jo Baker’s Longbourn, in case you missed it.

More reviews coming this week.

Site updates

I did a lot of work on the website tonight.  There is a new blog called “Purrfect Prose”, which will be about books and bookish stuff.  The galleries are now active, although they don’t have many pictures in them as of yet.  The reviews have their own blog page

More tweaks to come soon.

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