Monday Musings: March 9

So, today’s question comes from Jenn at A Daily Rhythm: Who (or what) influences your reading most?

Wow, that’s a tough one.  There are a lot of things that influence my reading habits.  Unfortunately, the one that probably reigns supreme more often than it should is whim.  As a reviewer, I request review copies from the publisher and really need to focus on those and get them done, and yet my brain all too often sees something else and says “OOH!  SPARKLY!!!” and I’m off and running.  I do get done with things that need doing, but it can be a struggle.

Otherwise, my reading is influenced by what is current at any given time.  Regular review copies show up on my doorstep about two weeks or so in advance of the publication date, so they get slotted into my pile at that time.