The long silence is (hopefully) over…

Spring OwlcatHi everyone.  Sorry to have been gone for a while.  Life got… overwhelming.

I’m not a person who adjusts to change well.  I don’t have a problem with change, per se, but it takes me longer than most people to settle into new routines.  And the past few months has seen much of my life upended and shaken around.

My job has become much more intense.  I’m taking on new duties, and the job itself is becoming more complicated, so I spent most of August and September dealing with that.

In October, my beloved cat Gryphon passed away in my arms.  She was 19 years old.  I now find myself without an animal companion for the first time in almost three decades.  I’m not ready to adopt a new feline companion yet, as Gryphon’s loss hurts too much still.

Last week I went on my first business trip, down to Southern California.  It was fun and I learned a lot, but I almost never travel alone, so that was extremely stressful for me.

During all of this, I was realizing that I’ve been reviewing for almost 14 years now with almost no breaks.  I took a couple of weeks in 2007 when I got married, and then I took a couple of weeks in 2012 after having surgery, but that’s about it.  I realized I was getting burned out and needed to step back.  I’m probably going to be making some changes to how I review and what I review, but I will still be blogging.  I just need a bit of time to sort things through.

In the meantime, I appear to be writing again, albeit in a limited fashion, which is good.  My thanks to all of you for sticking around while I got my head on straight.  🙂

One comment

  • I just happened to see your website on the Mags site concerning “Wild”. I just read your well-thought out blog: “No Thanks for the Memoirs”. I think you have pinpointed my roiling issues with the Wild book. I stopped (in disgust, really) in the middle of chapter 4 & returned it to the library. I am a backpacker (my husband & I hike together) & we’ve done GNP twice, Isle Royale, Yellowstone & Porcupine Mountains (MI). I love hiking because you can see/experience things you could see/experience in no other way: Beauty, peace, serenity & adventure. I’ve read Krakauer’s books for the remarkable stories & I’ve learned even more about natural, wild surroundings through those books, too (even a few of Hemingway’s books, for that matter). I hated Wild because it has almost ruined the whole hiking experience I hold dearly in my heart & the fact that it is now “famous” makes me sick.

    So, here I am on your site and so happy I found it! This, I will enjoy reading…& we are fellow cat-lovers, too 🙂

    Thank you 🙂