Monday Musings, September 29

I’ve recently begun to branch out and read fiction based in other real-life cultures.  What nudged me in this direction was the publication of two young adult books that are in the “forbidden romance” genre.

The first one, which I borrowed from the library and am reading right now, is The Secret Sky by Atia Abawi.  It’s a story set in Afghanistan and concerns a Hazara girl and a Pashtun boy.  The author is of Afghani descent and has spent several years living there, so she was able to base her novel on personal experience of customs and social mores.

The other one, which I bought and haven’t read yet, is Like No Other by Una LaMarche.  This one takes place in New York and features a love story between a Hasidic Jewish girl and a black boy.

Has anybody else stepped out of their comfort zones and read books dealing with cultures radically different from your own?  Discuss!