Monday Musings, September 22

Happy first day of Fall!  Today’s musings post pretty much wrote itself.  I’ve been keeping a booklog for many years, but basically I only tracked title, author, date started and finished, and format.  There was a neat post on Book Riot about tracking your reading, and they linked to a Google doc template for a hugely informative booklog.  Out of curiosity, I downloaded it and started filling it in.

I learned a few things immediately.  First of all, I predominantly read female authors.  As in, probably 85% at least of my reading is female authors.  I didn’t clue into that until I started working with the spreadsheet!  Also, I found out that I read a lot more young adult than I thought.  And, I found out that I read mostly books that I’ve gotten free in one way or another (library, NetGalley, comp copies, etc.)–in the first 20 books that I read, I only had three books that I purchased.

Do any of you track your books in a similar fashion?  Anybody use a spreadsheet like this?  Any neat revelations about your reading patterns?  Chime in and let me know!