Wish List Wednesday, September 17

Today, we have a guest post from my husband!  He’s decided to create his own feature.  So without further ado, enjoy Wish List Wednesday.

The other week, I was reading my wife’s column about “Waiting For Wednesdays” and it got me thinking on what I was waiting for.  I’d just gotten done reading Lock In by John Scalzi, and a re-read of both of Anne Bishop’s Others novels (I love them so much I think I’m on my 10th or 11th re read right now).  Other than Visions Of Silver I’m not really waiting for much. And a lot of the things I would want aren’t even on the radar as far as waiting for an active project. The things I want aren’t always things that authors are working on right now (or even plan to period). So, instead of a waiting for list, I came up with a Wish List for Wednesday. I’ll start with a few long standing items..

1. TSR/WotC/IDW to do complete D&D comics.

I remember a loooooooong time ago back in the mid and late 80s when I was a teenager and DC put out the D&D comics. And they were among the better reads of that time of my life. Alas, like with all good things, the comics were cancelled as a series and the honeymoon between TSR and DC was over. And after many moves, my comics collection of that time disappeared. But then IDW came out with graphic novels of MOST of the comics in the AD&D and Forgotten Realms comics, with a throw in for a short version of The Legend of Huma. What I’d want is the complete versions of all of them in graphic novel format and a complete “Huma” and for them to throw in the Dragonlance comics as well.  That’s wish number 1 and I’m sticking to it.


2. J. Michael Stryzinski to write the novels from Crusade.

I know some of the Bab 5 fanbase out there are going “You want him to do What?!?” It’s true.  I was quite happy with Bab 5, and I was quite happy with Crusade too, had they kept up with it. But where TV has and still often does disappoint and fail me, books almost never do. I would like to see JMS come out with a few of the Crusade books to see where he would take that story line. I know there’s a few of them out there, but nothing like the entire story as I’ve heard him talk about when the series was cancelled from TV. (And refresh my memory, was that ALSO Fox??)


3. An Animated version of Pern.

And before I’m killed off by yet another fan base, let me explain my logic here.       Pern is awesome. But I seriously doubt anyone could do a live action version worth a damn.  But animated? And no, I don’t mean the sad 64ish frames per second animation that you’ve gotten with a lot of Saturday morning cartoons that is awful and is what I describe as “Diet Anime.” No, I mean give Pern the treatment it deserves. Pixar. Just imagine for a second what Ruth would look like in Pixar’s hands. Happy thought, isn’t it?? And while I’m on Animation….


4. Joss Wheadon to do a live action Cowboy Bebop.

I know some of you are looking at me sideways and going “um… He kinda sorta did already.  It was this awesomeness called Firefly.. Maybe you missed it..” No I didn’t miss it. I own if faithfully and yes, it is awesome. But just think. If that mind could pull off Firefly, imagine what he could do with a TNT budget and Cowboy Bebop! Hell, even a CW budget and Bebop. I would be happy and see that.


5. John Scalzi to reboot Phule’s Company.

Robert Aspirin was one of my favorite comedy writers back in the day with the Myth Adventures series, which is what he’s primarily known for. But slightly lesser well known than “Never go against a Sicilian when DEATH is on the Line” is that he also did a military sci-fi-ish comedy known as Phule’s Company. Scalzi has already demonstrated his writing chops with a reboot of H. Beam Piper’s Little Fuzzy, and I think he’s got the snark and good sarcasm to reboot this series. I, for one, would love to see what he’d do with it.