Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I’ve only read one book from and need to read more

This one’s a little difficult for me, since once I find an author I like, I usually go crazy and grab up other books they’ve written.  But there must be some that I’ve missed out on.  Let me think:

1. Trent Reedy

Having read Divided We Fall, I’m eager to read the sequel.  Plus, he has some novels based around his military experience in Iraq and Afghanistan, so I’m curious about them too.

2. Phoebe North

I really liked Starglass, her first novel about a generational spaceship and the politics on board that might threaten their mission.  I have the sequel, but I haven’t read it yet.

3. Anne Clinard Barnhill

Again with my obsession with Tudor fiction.  I read At the Mercy of the Queen, which was a pretty good read, and I’m curious about the book she wrote about Queen Elizabeth.

4. Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

I read and enjoyed Beautiful Creatures, and I have the rest of the series, but I haven’t gotten to them yet.

5. C. Robert Cargill

Dreams and Shadows was an interesting fantasy, and I want to continue the series someday.

6. Michelle Sagara

Silence was an excellent book, and I have yet to read the sequel, although I have it.

7. John Green

Yep, to date I’ve only read The Fault in Our Stars.  Gotten get around to reading more!

8. Johnathan Maberry

Rot and Ruin was a good teen zombie apocalypse book, so I’d like to pick up the rest of the series sometime.

9. Brandon Sanderson

I’ve only read his teen superhero novel Steelheart, and it made me eager for more.  I have a couple of his books in my to-read pile.

10. Jay Asher

The author of Thirteen Reasons Why definitely has my attention.  Must grab his other book.