Monday Musings, September 15

So, I’ve gone into–and out of–a reading slump.  Me being less willing to read is really unusual, and often a sign of stress.  Conversely, another sign of stress is buying too many books, so there’s that little conundrum.

Basically, my work is very busy right now and will continue to be so through mid-October.  Last week, I was just picking at a book… kind of reading it, but not much at a time, and not concentrating on it very well.  I finally pushed through and finished it, and now I’m going full speed ahead on a novel I got from the library: The Martian by Andy Weir.  It’s some really good, grounded-in-real-science sci-fi, and I think I needed it as a transition from the non-fiction that I’ve been reading lately.

Either way, it feels good to settle comfortably into reading again.  🙂