Monday Musings, September 8

Today you’re going to have to put up with me squeeing just a bit.  You see, Friday night I was able to get out to a book signing in Petaluma at Copperfield’s Books that I really hoped to attend.  And despite traffic, we made it there and got to meet John Scalzi.

Every author that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting has been unfailingly friendly and engaging, and Scalzi was no exception.  He interacted with the audience, made jokes, took time to talk to everyone who came up for a signed book, and was just a plain nice guy.  We waited until last because we had a bag full of his books, and so I got to chat with him a bit without feeling like I was keeping a whole bunch of folks waiting.

The neat thing is, he had hinted at something in his new book that didn’t affect the plot but that was something of an experiment.  I wasn’t sure if I knew what he was referring to, so I asked him.  And he asked me a single question about the book that really made me think.  I need to write him an e-mail thanking him for challenging my assumptions in such a non-confrontational way.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable evening.  A huge thank-you to Copperfield’s for hosting the event and to Mr. Scalzi for being such a great person and excellent writer!