Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I’d like to meet

Once I got over the paralyzing shyness that came up at being in the presence of people whose work I admire, meeting authors got to be fun!  Here are ten authors whom I’d really like to meet, in no particular order:

1. John Scalzi

And hey, with any luck, I’ll meet him on Friday in Petaluma!  He’s one of the few sci-fi authors that I read.

2. Rich Burlew

Writer/artist of the webcomic The Order of the Stick.  Gotta meet the man who can pun that well.

3. Jim Butcher

The Harry Dresden books have given me many a laugh, and it’s one of the few series that my husband actually recommended to me.

4. Gwen Cooper

Cat mommy!  I loved Homer’s Odyssey (a book about a blind black cat) and would love to tell her this in person.

5. Robin Hobb

All bow down to the goddess of epic fantasy.  If you haven’t read her Farseer trilogy, get to a bookstore NOW.

6. Seanan McGuire

Great writer of fantasy, horror and song lyrics.  Hoping to meet her next year at BayCon!

7. Alex Bledsoe

His modern sword and sorcery series, following sword jockey Eddie LaCrosse, is a great mix of hardboiled detective and fantasy.

8. Bill Bryson

Anybody who writes with that much humor, and makes me learn that much while laughing, gets my vote.  A Walk in the Woods is one of my all time favorite books.

9. George Takei

Okay, who DOESN’T want to meet Uncle George???

10. Rainbow Rowell

She needs an epic THANK YOU for writing Fangirl, which portrayed the world’s greatest female geek.