Monday Musings, August 25

In an earlier Monday Musings post, I talked about getting on a Tudor historical fiction kick.  A bit problematic, since I review science fiction and fantasy!  Well, now I’m on a non-fiction kick.  I’ve been reading The Disappearing Spoon by Sam Kean.  It’s a book about the periodic table and the craziness that the science field went through while creating it.  It’s a very interesting history of chemistry and physics, put in terms that anybody can understand.  I’ve also been eying one of his other books, The Violinist’s Thumb (about genetics) and a book about the Donner party.

At least I’m only a few books behind of where I should be with my reviewing, though.  That’s something.

Short and sweet today.  I’m not feeling very wordy at the moment.  Probably comes from all that science I stuffed in my head over lunch!