Top Ten Tuesday: Places to read

This is a spur-of-the-moment list–I usually plan these out in advance, but the idea came to me, so you get it now.  Here are my top ten places to read, in no particular order:

1. My living room couch

Specifically, the right side of the couch as you face it.  It’s under the better of the two lights, and it has kind of turned into my default spot for most of my at-home reading.

2. Propped up in bed

That being said, I often read in bed.  I have one of those armchair-shaped pillows and I use that and my regular pillow to get comfy.  Sitting here, I often have my cat with me as well.

3. In my bookcave

One of the closets in our house has metamorphosed into a bookcave.  It’s partly storage, but there’s not much stored in there, so a couple of bookcases, a rocking chair and some pillows make a cozy nest.

4. In the office chair

My husband and I have desk chairs upstairs in our loft, and sometimes I sit in one and read while he’s writing or playing computer games in the other.

5. In the courtyard at my work

Moving away from the house now… I work at a university, and I like to take my lunches outside when the weather permits (which is most of the time).  There are plenty of tables in the courtyard, and it’s not usually too hard to find a place to sit and read while I eat.

6. In the Art Lounge

This is the quiet lounge in the student union.  Soft comfy chairs, soft lighting, and QUIET.

7. At the local Chipotle

Yes, my husband and I go to Chipotle fairly frequently.  We usually each bring books and use the time to read quietly together while we eat.  It’s very relaxing.

8. In our hammock

Back home again.  We have a hammock that we can string up in the backyard.  It’s a wonderful little nest to curl up in with a good book.

9. At the ocean

I love going to the ocean, and some of my best reading time has come while I’m lounging on the beach or perched on a rock above the tide.

10. On the trail during a hike

No, not while I’m walking!  But when I take a break for water or snacks or just to get a breather, it’s sometimes nice to just chill for a bit by a stream and read a bit.

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