Monday Musings, July 7

The FeverIt’s interesting how books seem to show up in clusters.  Something will get popular, or some really unique story will hit the news, and pretty soon there are books based on the subject.  I recently had the experience of reading two books that turned out to be based on the exact same event.  Both are young adult books, and both revolve around an incident in 2012 in which a bunch of girls in a small town in New York began displaying odd neurological-seeming symptoms.  I found an article about it at the New York Times, so if you’re curious, take a peek.

The books I read were Megan Abbott’s The Fever and Katherine Howe’s Conversion.  I’m probably going to be reviewing both in the not too distant future, and probably also doing a compare-and-contrast article, because it was fascinating how both books approached the subject in ways that were similar and yet went in such different directions.  It’s kind of hard to explain without spoiling the books, but suffice to say that both were good reads in their own way… although one went much deeper than the other.  I do recommend both books, especially as a means of seeing how authors can deal with the same event in different ways than another author might.Conversion

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