Silver-Tongued Devil by Jaye Wells

Silver-Tongued DevilThere’s a heck of a lot of paranormal fantasy out there, as you’re no doubt aware. More and more crop up every week as the genre gets more and more crowded. While I’m open to reading just about anything, it takes something unusual to keep me reading beyond book one. JayeWells’sSabina Kane novels attracted me early on, and Silver-Tongued Devil is just as good as the series’s first book.

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“Now that the threat of war has passed, Sabina Kane is ready to focus on the future. Her relationship with Adam Lazarus is getting stronger and she’s helping her sister, Maisie, overcome the trauma of her captivity in New Orleans. Even Giguhl is managing to stay out of trouble thanks to the arrival of Pussy Willow and his new roller derby team. But as much as Sabina wants to feel hopeful about the future, part of her doesn’t believe that peace is possible.

Her suspicions are confirmed when a string of sadistic murders threatens to stall treaty negotiations between the mages and the vampires. Sabina pitches in to find the killer, but her investigation soon leads her down dark paths that have her questioning everyone she thought she could trust. And the closer she gets to the killer, the more Sabina begins to suspect this is one foe she may not be able to kill.”

You might think that removing a possibility of war would mean a change of narrative pace, but the author doesn’t let the story lag. There are still political ploys being acted out and the details of this new peace to be explored. On top of this, much of the novel is devoted to Maisie and the horrors that she went through in the previous book. It’s really Maisie’s struggles that held my attention, because the experiences were so profoundly detrimental to her mental health and well-being. She is one of the characters that I like the best, and watching her deteriorate was sad.

I’m not sure how I felt about Giguhl’s roller derby gig. On the one hand, it did allow the demon to be off on his own like he was before in the “demon fight club” and not constantly act as Sabina’s shadow. And I know that roller derbies are popular. But I think that it came too soon on the heels of his staged fights—it came across as something to occupy him and keep him out of the way, not as an integral part of the plot. It might also be because the frivolousness clashes with the darker tone of the rest of the book.

I liked the glimpse into werewolf culture that the author provides, in the form of the mating and marriage rituals. It also feeds into the book’s tone by having one of the marriages be against the female’s will. I wish that Wells had done more with the werewolves, as they’re set up to be a pretty interesting group, and it would have filled in the gap left when the West coast vampire society was turned on its ear.

From what I’ve read, the next Sabina Kane novel will be the last in the series, so I can see how this book was trying to set things up for a huge climactic finish. Still, it has plenty of action and adventure in its own right, and fans of the series will likely be quite satisfied with the story. Silver-Tongued Devil throws some shockers into the final pages, so be prepared for a wild ride!

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Series: Sabina Kane
ISBN: 9780316178433
Publisher: Orbit
Page Count: 432
Publication Date: January 10, 2012
Acquired: Provided by the publisher as an e-ARC through NetGalley
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